God loves us, and wants a personal connection with us. At the SON Experience we connect people with God in many ways through our events. These events are relaxing, genuine and packed with fun. While we are not a church, we partner with local churches in the twin cities to help people stay connected to God, on this journey called life. 

We are about PEOPLE. The SON Experience encourages an atmosphere of authenticity in our relationships. Our events vary from Group Bible Studies for those who are seeking discussion of the Word with others, to video game tournaments and backyard BBQ’s! We also have weekly prayer group time for those who want to collectively communicate with God throughout the week. At times, you will also find us getting to know people in our community, at local coffee shops, restaurants and parks around town. Our goal when we gather is to create an environment where people feel comfortable being themselves.

Monthly, hands on service projects are one of the ways we positively impact our communities. Some of our projects include, but are not limited to; food packing, local tutoring and graffiti removal. Our team of SON volunteers are actively seeking service project opportunities. Feel free to let us know if we can assist you with your next project.

We do offer other resources such as financial management classes, leadership training, licensed wedding and funeral officiants, and on-site counseling.


Who Are We?